Aug. 1, 1815

“Ordinance to further determine/amend the decree from March 17, 1808, pertaining to Jews” issued by the Royal Imperial Austrian and Royal Bavarian Shared-Land-Administration [Present-day Austria, Germany]: “Per the ordinance from January 24 [of the same year], the local-administration had expressed its clear intent that it wished to fully uphold the decree of March 17, 1808, which attempted to [restrict] usury and the illegal trade of Jews. However, since experience shows that so-called arbitral judgments between Jews and their debtors and ratifications-acts (‘Ratificationsakten’) before notaries are used to undo the healing-effects of that decree […] that is why the following is ordered […]. The regulation outlined in art. 4 and 13 of [that] decree […] are also to be expanded to all arbitral judgments […] and the ratification of notaries […].”
Die fünf französischen Gesetzbücher in Deutscher Sprache nach den besten Übersetzungen. (The five French law-books in the German language according to the best translations. ); (Zweibrücken; 1827); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/31/2020