Mar. 31, 1819

“Regarding the Commodity-Trade of Jews” (Rescript) issued by King Maximilian I Joseph (of Bavaria) and addressed to ‘the various police-authorities’ [Kingdom of Bavaria; Present-day Germany]: “[…] Since there has already been misunderstanding over the highest decision of March 10 [of the same year] which was published in this year’s intelligence-paper, regarding the commodity-trade of Jews, the Royal Government is given cause to clarify that by applying the ordinance ‘regarding the meddling of Jews in the sale of immovable goods’ of 1807, the decisions contained in edict of June 10, 1813 regarding the purchase of immovable goods by Jews is not invalidated […] so that the law as per [section] 16 of the last-mentioned highest edict (June 10, 1813) […] is still valid for Jews and must be protect [from Jews]. […]” [Researcher’s note: This rescript was issued by Franz-Wilhelm Freiherr von Asbeck, President of Lower Franconia, in the name King Maximilian I Joseph (of Bavaria) who was known as Prince-Elector Maximilian IV Joseph from 1799-1806 before he became the King of Bavaria. King Maximilian I Joseph (of Bavaria) is not to be mistaken with Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria, who was Austrian Empress Elizabeth’s (‘Sisi’) father and a Duke.]
Intelligenzblatt für den Unter-Mainkreis des Königreichs Baiern. Jahrgang 1819. (‘Intelligence-[News]Paper for Untermainkreis in the Kingdom of Bavaria’), (Würzburg); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 6/15/2018