Aug. 11, 1824

“Royal Order (‘Ukas’) drafted by the Finance Ministers of the Imperial Council and confirmed by his Majesty” [Present-day Austria, Russia etc.; Austrian Empire]: “1) The heads of border-crossings are strictly ordered to make sure that Jews, who come from foreign places, or those who wish to return to Russia, after leaving voluntarily, are not to receive permits to enter the domain [few exception are made …]. 4) […] Jews who come to Russia in order to settle, who are not registered in any of the population-classes (‘Einwohnerklasse’), and who are not going to establish a business, shall be entered into the class of craftsmen/manual worker (‘Manoeuvres’) in their district and subjected to the common head-tax […] according to the order of July 20, 1816 and March 31, 1824.”
Oesterreichischer Beobachter. Nro. 274. Donnserstag, den 30. September 1824. (Austrian Observer. No 274, Thursday, September 30, 1824.); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/2/2020