Sept. 1, 1824

Law Regarding the Determination of Civil Law Rights of Israelites, Enacted by the Senate of the Free City of Frankfurt (Commonly referred to as the “Frankfurt Jew Law of 1824”) [Germany]: “Section 1 – All Israelite families and individuals currently residing in this city, in addition to their marital offspring, are, as Israelite citizens, state subjects of the Free City of Frankfurt. Even though they are excluded from the immediate participation in the government of the state and from the Christian community, and thus do not enjoy full citizenship privileges, while retaining their right of following their religion without impediment…Section 8 – Israelite citizens who have been admitted as businessmen may enter into any kind of business or ancillary business, just like Christians, except trading in firewood, fruit, horse feed and flour, although small-scale trading of flour by ancillary flour sellers is not subject to this provision….”
Geschichte der deutschen Bundesversammlung: insbesondere ihres Verhaltens zu den deutschen National-Interessen, Vol. 1. Ilse, Leopold Friedrich. Marburg, Germany: Elwert 1861. Accessed online; Translated by Dominik Jacobs 2/29/2016