Jan. 14, 1830

Decree, issued by the Austrian Court-Chancellery to the state government of Moravia-Silesia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “1. All dominical leather goods manufactures and potash-houses in Moravia that are already under Jewish ownership may continue to be operated and purchased by Jews. However, wherever they are united with a distillery, they may not be separated from the latter, but must be utilized as integral parts by one businessman. […] 4. Each establishment may have only one Jewish family associated with it, and the master or owner has to belong to the prescribed [maximum] number of families in Moravia and Silesia.” [Researcher’s note: The land was divided into dominical, or demesne, estates, owned by the lord, and rustical lands, held by the peasant. Potash is a common ingredient in traditional German recipes. It is also known as pearl ash, potassium carbonate, salts of tartar, and carbonate of potash.]
Kropatschek, Joseph. Sammlung der Gesetze, Ein und dreissigster Fortsetzungsband (Collection of the Laws, Vol. XXXI). Mösle & Braumüller: Vienna, 1832. Page 23. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/16/2020