Dec. 25, 1830

Decree, issued by the Austrian Court-Chancellery to the state government of Galicia [Present-day Poland, Ukraine]: “The imperial-royal court chancellery, by decree of December 25, 1830, has determined the penalties for violators of the prohibition according to which Jews in Galicia may not trade in depictions of the saints, church vessels and the like, namely, that the delinquents, for the first offense, shall be fined half the amount of the illegal object of trade, or jailed equivalently; have the goods confiscated upon the second offense; and upon further offenses, receive, in addition to the confiscation, a fine or imprisonment, depending on the particulars of the case.”
Kropatschek, Joseph. Sammlung der Gesetze, Ein und dreissigster Fortsetzungsband [Collection of the Laws, Vol. XXXI]. Mösle & Braumüller: Vienna, 1832. Page 461. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/16/2020