Jan. 1, 1832

“Organic Regulation for Moldavia,” issued by the Imperial Russian Authorities [Present-day Moldova]: “Art. 94. –  It is undeniable that Jews spread all over Moldavia, whose number increases every day and who mainly live from damaging the interests of locals, use all means of speculation to decrease our industry and public happiness. In order to rectify, as much as possible, this unjust situation, committees will write down in official logs: the property and trade of each Jew, for those who do not have any property or trade, and who, without having any useful craft, live without a purpose, should be deported from the country, and any others like them will no longer be allowed to enter Moldavia.”
Negulescu, P. & Alexianu, G. Regulamentele Organice ale Valahiei i Moldovei [“Organic Regulations for Wallachia and Moldavia”]. Eminescu: Bucarest, 1944. Vol. I, Page 195. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 11/27/2019