Feb. 23, 1832

“Royal Court Chancellery Decree” of the Austrian Royal Court Chancellery [Kingdom of Bohemia; Present-day Czech Republic, Germany, Poland]: “Exclusion of Jewish doctors from applying for vacant positions as city doctors. In response to an inquiry […] it is clarified to the government that Jewish doctors are not eligible to apply for vacant city doctor positions. All local authorities are henceforth notified of this […] and required to enforce and to notify all magistrates in all the dominions [of this order.]”
Provinzial-Gesetzsammlung des Königreichs Böhmen für das Jahr 1832. Herausgegeben auf allerhöchsten Befehl unter der Aufsicht des k. k. böhmischen Landesguberniums. Vierzehnter Band, welcher die Verordnugen vom 1. Jänner bis letzten December 1832 enthält. (Prag; 1833); (Collection of Provincial Law of the Kingdom of Bohemia for the year 1832. Issued on the supreme order and command and supervision of the r[oyal] i[mperial] bohemian Governor. Fourteenth Volume, which contains the ordinances from the 1st of January to the last of December 1832.); (Prague; 1833); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/21/2013 ADD PAGE #