Jan. 13, 1833

“Rescript” issued by Ludwig I of Bavaria [Kingdom of Bavaria; Present-day Germany]: “[…] Jews are also [to be] excluded from selling the leases of churches (‘Dominikalrenten’) or face annulment [of the purchase]. […]” [Researcher’s note: This rescript was reissued/made public by the government on February 8, 1833.]
Repertory on the intelligence leaves for the former regenkreis, now published by the Upper Palatinate and Regensburg, from years 1814 to 1814 inclusive highest royal decrees, ministerial edicts, governmental and Appelationsgerichts resolutions and tenders, announcements and news of general and special Intresse […] in alphabetical-chronological order and imAuszuge its essential content produced by Mathias Stangl; (Munich, 1842); ( “Official Gazettes District; Repertory Regarding all Issued Intelligence reports of the former regenkreis – now Upper-Palatinate and Regensburg – from 1814 to 1841 (included) of the Supreme Royal Ordinances, Ministerial Edicts, Government and Appeal Courts, Decisions and renderings, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/4/2018