Jul. 23, 1847

Law Regarding the Status of Jews, issued by Friedrich Wilhelm, King of Prussia [Prussia / Present-day Poland]: “(2) Any employment of a Jew by state or municipal government is permissible only if his position does not involve the execution of any judicial, police or executive powers. Jews are furthermore excluded from any leadership or supervisory positions within Christian places of education. In universities, Jews may teach medicine, mathematics, natural sciences, geography and languages. They are excluded from all other departments and from the academic senate, as well as from the positions of dean, assistant dean and department chair. In secondary schools, Jews are limited to employment by Jewish institutions. (3) Estates of the realm are inaccessible to Jews. They may not personally act as judge or police, but may be employed as court or police clerks. (5) Jews are obligated to bear inalienable and inheritable family names. (6) Their accounting books must be in German or another living language, using German or Latin writing. Jews in violation of this section will be punished by a fine of 50 Thalers or six weeks of imprisonment.”
Gesetz-Sammlung für die königlichen preussischen Staaten. Prussia (Kingdom). G. Decker (publisher), Berlin 1847. p. 263. Accessed online; Translated by Dominik Jacobs 3/16/2016