Feb. 5, 1854

Ordinance, issued by George V, King of Hanover [Present-day Germany]: “Art. 3 – In the absence of a separate Jewish school, the children of Jews shall take part in the lessons at the local Christian school, with the exception of religious instruction….Art. 6 – Jewish children who are lacking sufficient religious instruction shall, upon reaching their maximum age for mandatory schooling, attend a Jewish religious school for at least one year….Art. 8 – Jewish children, in the future, shall, upon their entry into the workforce, provide a certificate from their teacher and school board, certifying that they have received sufficient instruction in their religion….Art. 32 – Jewish elementary schools shall schedule at least 33 hours for general instruction, as well as a minimum of 11 hours for religious instruction.”

Grotefend, G.A. (ed.). Die Gesetze und Verordnungen für die Provinz Hannover (Laws and Ordinances of Hanover Province). Schwann: Düsseldorf, 1879. Page 567. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/30/2020