Jul. 10, 1857

General order on the admission of Jewish law students to the “Ausculator” examination issued by Prussian Minister of Justice Ludwig Simons [Present-day Germany]: “[…] A recent inquiry about the excessive rush for judicial service revealed such a significant number of Jews that the possibility of their future employment led to reasonable doubts. It therefore appears to be an inevitable necessity to stop a further rush of Jewish aspirants. All higher courts are therefore instructed to admit only those candidates of Jewish religion to the examination […] that will have completed their three-year academic program by the end of the winter semester 1857/1858. All other applications shall be rejected until further notice. Berlin – 10 July 1857 Justice Minister Simons.”
Justiz Ministerialblatt fuer die Preussische Gesetzgebung und Rechtspflege 1857/19, page 266, Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 9/20/2015