Dec. 31, 1860

Synagogue-Ordinance, issued by George V, King of Hanover [Present-day Germany]: “Art. 2 – In towns where a synagogue is located, communal worship may only take place in the synagogue itself….Art. 4 – The founding, moving or closing of a synagogue shall require the approval of the upper administrative authority [of the kingdom]….Art. 17 – Synagogue services must begin punctually, at the scheduled time. Art. 18 – Everybody shall attend services in appropriate and dignified attire….Art. 20 – Inside the synagogue, solemn and reverent silence shall be observed. Any mingling in front of the synagogue or in the foyer is prohibited, as well as talking loudly in these places.”
Kingdom of Hanover (State). Synagogenordnung für das Königreich Hannover (Synagogue-Ordinance for the Kingdom of Hanover). Gundmacher: Hanover, 1861. Page 3. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 7/29/2020