Feb. 18, 1860

“Imperial Ordinance” (‘kaiserliche Verordnung’) issued by Francis Joseph I [Present-day Austria, Poland, Ukraine, etc.; Austrian Empire]: “[…] Regarding the Ownership of Realty for Jews. After consulting with My Ministers and after heeding the advice of My Imperial Councils, I wish to order for Galicia, Bukowina, and the Grand Duchy of Krakow/Cracow (‘Großherzugthum Krakau’) the following: 1) Israelis, who have [attended and] finished ‘Untergymnasiums, Unterschulen, vocational schools (‘Handelsschulen’), schools for the preparation of an agricultural career (‘landthschaftliche Lehranstalten’), and ‘uautische Schulen’* or occupy the character of an officer (are an officer) are to be treated the same as the Christian subjects in the aforementioned lands of the crown in regards to the ability of ownership. 2) When and as long as an Israeli owns a property that is linked to any patronage or bailiff acts (‘Patronats- und Vogteirechte’), or the law of school representation, those law are still valid. […] Furthermore, these rights cannot be transferred to Israeli tenants. Those (Israelis) who are not mentioned/contained in §1 are still only permitted to own those kinds of realities, to which they were already legally permitted as per the laws of 1848. 4) […] however, they are still [to be] excluded from leasing former rustic-inns (‘Rustikalwirtschaft’)** or individual rustic-properties (‘Rustikalgrundstücke’)** or these contracts are void and an appropriate penalty is to be imposed on the lessor and the lessee. […]” [Researcher’s note: This was published in the Austrian Reichsgesetzblatt No. 44 of the year 1860 which was an official publishing branch of Imperial patents, laws, ordinances, etc. of the Austrian Monarchy. *These are/were various forms of schooling in German speaking countries. **It is unclear what “Rustikal” [rustic] refers to her in regards to property and economy as that word is no longer in use in modern German.]
Alphabetische Sammlung aller politischen und der dahin einschlägigen Gesetze des Kaisertums Oesterreich für die Zeit von 1858 bis 1864. Von Heinrich Astl, k. k. Bezirksamts-Aktuar. (Prag, 1866); (Alphabetical collection of all political and pertinent laws of the Empire of Austria for the period from 1858 to 1864. By Heinrich Astl, r[oyal] i[mperial] District office Actuary); (Prague; 1866); Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/15/2019