Jul. 14, 1863

“Act regarding Jews in the Duchy of Holstein,” issued by Frederick VII, King of Denmark [Present-day Germany]: “9. In order to erect new synagogues, a special permit from the highest authorities is necessary. 10. Every Jew residing in the Duchy of Holstein is required to belong to a Jewish community of faith. 17. For instruction in Jewish religion, a special textbook in German will be authorized, and all boys and girls will henceforth take a public exam, proctored by the rabbi in the synagogue. Boys may take the exam at 15 years of age, and girls at 14 years. In the future, no Jew will be allowed to marry, to swear an oath, to matriculate as a student, to become member of a guild, to obtain the rights of citizenship, to be in business for himself, or to make his own financial decisions, without first submitting himself to the exam. 21. Jews are to be buried in a Jewish cemetery.”
Kollenscher, M. Rechtsverhältnisse der Juden in Preußen [The Legal Situation of the Jewry in Prussia]. Guttentag: Berlin, 1910. Page 187. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/13/2020