Mar. 3, 1882

Law issued by Tsarist Minister of War [Russia]: “First, to limit the number of Jewish physicians…in the Military Department to five percent of the general number of medical men. Second, to stop appointing Jews on medical service in the military districts of Western Russia, and to transfer the surplus over and above five percent to the Eastern districts. Third, to appoint Jewish physicians only in those contingents of the army in which the budget calls for at least two physicians, with the proviso that the second physician must be a Christian. It is necessary to stop the constant growth of the number of physicians of the Mosaic persuasion in the Military Department, in view of their deficient conscientiousness in discharging their duties and their unfavorable influence upon the sanitary service in the army.”
“Antisemitism in Imperial Russia; Anti-Jewish Discrimination in the Russian Army (1882).” No Author, Accessed online 9/29/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER/DATE