Apr. 10, 1882

Imperial Order, issued by the government of Russia [Present-day Russia]: “In the Civil Service of the Army, the proportion of Jewish surgeons is limited to 5 percent. Promotion is given to them only up to the fifth medical class, but with the consent of the chief commanders of the military districts. To posts above the fifth class, they are not to be appointed at all. In any hospital, there may be only one Jewish surgeon. To the district medical administration offices, as well as to hospitals and offices in fortresses, they are not to be admitted at all. The same rule as to the 5 percent proportion is to be applied to military surgeons’ assistants and [military] surgeons’ apprentices.”
Russo-Jewish Committee. “Laws of Russia Relating to Hebrews.” G.R. Gray: Washington DC, 1891. Page 31. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/10/2020