May 3, 1882

“May Laws” issued by Alexander III [Russia]: “Article 1: As a temporary measure and until the revision of the laws regulating their status, Jews are forbidden to settle hereafter outside of cities and towns. Exception is made with regard to Jewish villages already in existence where the Jews are engaged in agriculture. Article 2: Until further order all contracts for the mortgaging or renting of real estate situated outside of cities and towns to a Jew, shall be of no effect. Equally void is any power of attorney granted to a Jew for the administration or disposition of property of the above-indicated nature. Article 3: Jews are forbidden to do business on Sundays and Christian holidays; the laws compelling Christians to close their places of business on those days will be applied to Jewish places of business. Article 4: The above measures are applicable only in the governments situated within the pale of settlement.”
“Antisemitism in Imperial Russia; The May Laws (1882).” No Author, Accessed online 9/29/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER/DATE