ca. 1910

[Possible/Probable] Law of Inorodci issued by Russian Empire [Russia] 

Commentary from other sources:
1) “The Law on Inorodci published in 1910…declared that Jews were prohibited from wearing their traditional clothing throughout…of the Empire. In the same book as an Appendix to the same Law on Inorodci the regulations of the Korobka tax for Jews in Kurzeme [Kurland] and R?ga are also published. It is stated that the making of Jewish clothes for a woman or a man worth more than 3 Roubles should be charged by Korobka tax… It can be concluded that in these regions it was allowed to wear Jewish clothing, which came into contradiction with the main text of the Law on Inorodci…The Law on Inorodci…prohibited Jewish women from shaving their hair off.”

Bruno Martuzans: “Rules for Jews in Russia Empire. Pales; Fashion Pale.” (2002) Online article