Jan. 5, 1938

“Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal Names” issued by Adolf Hitler [Germany]: “Art. 1 1. Jews may be given only such given-names as are cited in the directives issued by the Ministry of Interior concerning the utili-zation of given-names. …Art. 2 1. In so far as the Jews are still using some other given-names different from those which are at their disposal according to Art. 1,-they are obliged to assume by the 1st January 1939, a second, additional given-name as follows; for males, the given-name Israel and for females the given-name Sara. 2. The person having to assume an additional forename ac­cording to para (1) is obliged to give a written notification in this matter to the registration office at which his birth, and mar-riage are registered. …Berlin, 17th, August 1938. Reichs Minister of the Interior : Representative, Dr. Stuckart. Reichs Minister of Justice : Dr. Guertner. TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENT 1676-PS”
“International Military Trials – Nürnberg, Document number 1409-PS through document number 2373-PS arranged numerically.” LOC.gov; Accessed online 11/20/2013