Apr. 22, 1938

“The Decree against the Camouflage of Jewish Firms” [Germany]: “’Decree against the Camouflage of Jewish Firms’ issued by Field Marshal General Goering [Germany]: Article 1-  A German citizen, who assists for self-serving reasons to camouflage the Jewish character of a firm to mislead the public or the authorities will be punished with penitentiary, in less serious cases with imprisonment, but not less than a year, and with a fine. Article 2- Also anyone will get punished who concludes a legal transaction for a Jew and conceals the fact that he works for a Jew and thereby misleading the other part. Berlin 22 April 1938 – The Commissioner of the Four Year Plan Goering”
1938 Reichsgesetzblatt I, page 404. Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 10/19/2015