Jul. 23, 1938

Third Announcement on the Identity Card Enforcement issued by Minister of Interior Wilhelm Frick [Germany]: “Article 1 – Jews […] who are German citizens, have to apply for an identity card with reference to their status as Jew at the responsible police department until 31 December 1938. For Jews who are born after the date of this announcement an application shall be made within three months after their birth. Article 2 – Jews older than 15 years have to proof their identity anytime upon official request by their identity card. Article 3 – As soon as they have received their identity card, Jews are obliged to identify themselves as Jews of their own accord for applications at official or Reich departments and shall give the place of issue and the identification number, or show their identity card voluntarily when requests are made in person. […] Berlin 23 July 1938 – The Reich Minister of Interior Frick.”
1938 Reichsgesetzblatt I, page 922. Translated by Franziska Wagener, Accessed Online 10/24/2015