Jul. 25, 1938

“Fourth Decree relative to the Reich Citizen Law” issued by Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler [Germany]: “4th Decree relative to the Reich Citizen Law of 25 July 1938. …Section III. 1. Jews, whose appointment approval has expired and who have not received an authorization, by virtue of Section II, are forbidden to practice medicine. 2. A Jew who has received an authorization by virtue of Section II must, with the exception of his wife and legitimate children, only treat Jews…Whoever violates the regulations of Subsection I or II, either deliberately or carelessly, will be sentenced to one year of prison and a fine, or to either one of those punishments. Section IV. A Jew cannot be licensed as a physician. …Bayreuth July 25, 1938. The Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler The Reich Minister of the Interior Frick The Deputy of the Fuehrer R. Hess The Reich-Minister of Justice Dr. Guertner. The Reich-Minister of Finance by order: Reinhardt.”
“Anti-Semitic Legislation; Fourth Decree on the Citizenship Law.” axishistory.com, No author. Accessed online 10/12/2012