Oct. 5, 1938

“Law on Passports of Jews” issued by Reich Minister of Interior [Germany]: “…Article 1 (1) All German passports of Jews (Article 5 of the first law to the Reich citizenship of 14 November 1935…) … who reside in the Reich area, become invalid. (1.2) The holders of the passports, mentioned in section (1), are obliged to hand in these passports to the passport authority within Germany, … For Jews who are staying abroad at the time of publication of this law, this period of two weeks begins with the day of their re-entry into the Reich area. (3) The passports, made out to be valid abroad, will become valid again if they are marked with a sign designated by the Reich Minister of the Interior, which will mark the holder as a Jew. …Berlin, 5 October 1938. The Reich Minister of the Interior By order Dr. Best.”
“Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV Document No. 2120-PS,” No author, Accessed online at avalon.law.yale.edu 7/14/2011 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE