Nov. 17, 1938

“The Laws for the Defense of the Race” issued by Italian Government [Italy]: “…Milan, November 11, 1938 …First Chapter Mixed marriages: Italian citizens may not marry members of the Hamitic, Semitic, or non-Aryan races; …Second Chapter Definition of the Jewish race: The following are considered to be of the Jewish race: a person born from two Jewish parents; a person born of Jewish fathers and foreign (Aryan) mothers; a person born of mixed marriages who professes the Jewish religion, but not those who, as of 1 October 1938, profess another religion. Servants and Jews: All those of the Jewish race may not have in any way Aryans as their servants in the house and as their employees. Third Chapter … Foreign Jews: It is forbidden to the foreigners of the Jewish race to settle in Italy, Libya or in the colonial possessions in the Aegean; the Italian citizenship granted to Jewish foreigners after January 1, 1919 will have to be considered as revoked…For the protection of the Italian schools: accordingly to this legal measure, all those of the Jewish race are forbidden to work and study in Public and Private Italian schools and the legal measure applies to all school ranks…”
“The Laws for the Defense of the Race (November 11, 1938).”, No author, Accessed online 7/21/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER/DATE