ca. 1939

Prague [Czech Republic] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “On 16 March 1939 (i.e. one day after the invasion by Germany) Jewish lawyers were forbidden to practice, all Jewish employees in public administration, establishments and institutions, incl. courts and schools, were relieved of their duties. Jews are excluded from being any of the following: teachers and lecturers at secondary  schools or  others connected with schools with public access except for schools exclusively allocated for Jews, membership of public scientific institutions, learned societies, magistracy, assessors at patent  tribunals, assessors  at labour tribunals, assessors at courts of arbitration, sworn experts, members of juries or youth courts, notaries, translators, experts witnesses, public guardians, notaries, civil engineers, authorised mining engineers, employed by the stock exchange. Jews cannot be lawyers (solicitors’ clerks), defenders in criminal cases and patent attorneys. They cannot bedoctors, veterinary surgeon, pharmaceutical chemists, practicing artists (in theatres or the film industry, editors except for periodicals specifically directed at Jews. Jews are not permitted to participate in the political life or be members of associations. Jewish doctors may only treat Jewish patients.”
“Nazi Restrictions on the Jews of Prague & The Role of the Jewish Community Council,” Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team, Accessed 8/27/2015