Mar. 27, 1939

Royal Decree – 27 March 1939-XVII, no. 665 Approval of the Statute of The management and liquidation estate [Italy]: ” … Art. 1 And it formed, based in Rome, a body called ‘Body of Management and Real Estate Settlement'(EGELI) with the task of providing for the purchase, management and sale of real estate excess, pursuant to Royal Decrees-law on November 17 1938-XVII, no. 1728 and 9 February, 1939, n. 126, the limits of shareholders allowed to Italian citizens of Jewish race. The Agency shall have legal personality. It has an endowment fund of twenty million, to be allocated, with measures of the Minister for Finance, the budget of the Ministry. … Seen, on the order of His Majesty the King of Italy, Emperor of Ethiopia The Minister for Finance Di Revel.” [Editor’s note: Google translated from Italian on 8/2015.]
The Anti-Jewish Laws of Fascist Italy, CDEC, Foundation Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation, Accessed online 8/26/2015