Apr. 30, 1939

“Law concerning Jewish Tenants” issued by Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler [Germany]: “Law concerning Jewish Tenants of 30 April 1939. …Article 1 …A Jew cannot invoke the protection of the tenancy laws where the landlord in giving notice to vacate the premises can furnish him with a certificate from the communal authorities that his shelter is assured for the time subsequent to the expiration of the tenancy. This does not apply where the landlord is also a Jew. Article 2 …A lease may be dissolved, where only one of the parties to it is a Jew,  … Article 3 Sub-leases may be concluded only between Jews and Jews. Permission to sublet is not necessary where the house owner is also a Jew. …Article 7 …1. Where the wife is a Jew, and where there are offsprings from the marriage, even where the marriage is no longer valid, the provisions of the law do not apply. 2. Where the husband is a Jew and there are no offspring, the provisions shall apply, no matter where the wife or the husband is the tenant or the lessor. 3. This does not apply to offsprings who are considered as Jews …Berlin, 30 April 1939. The Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler. The Reich Minister of Justice Dr Guertner. The Reich Minister of Labor His Deputy : Dr Krohn. The Deputy of the Fuehrer R. Hess. The Reich Minister of the Interior Frick.”
1939 Reichsgesetzblatt I, page 864, Accessed online; Researched by Franziska Wagener 10/6/2015