Jul. 4, 1939

“Tenth decree relating to the Reich Citizenship Law” issued by Reich Minister of Interior Wilhelm Frick [Germany]: “…Article 1. Reich Association of the Jews. Section 1. (1) The Jews will be united into a Reich Association. …Section 2. (1) The Reich association has the purpose of promoting the emigration of the Jews. …Section 3. (1) All Jewish citizens and stateless Jews belong to the Reich association, who have their residence or their customary abode in Reich territory. …Section 4. The Reich association is subject to the supervision of the Reich minister of the interior; its statutes require his approval. Section 5 (1) The Reich Minister of the Interior may dissolve Jewish clubs, organizations and foundations or decree their incorporation in the Reich Association. …The Reich Minister of the Interior, Frick. The Deputy of the Fuehrer, Hess. The Reich Minister of Education, Rust. The Reich Minister of Church Affairs, Kerrl.”
“Antisemitic Legislation; Tenth decree relating to the Reich Citizenship Law.” No author; Axishistory.com; Accessed online article 11/28/2012