Oct. 3, 1940

“Law on the Status of Jews” issued by Chief of State of Vichy France Philippe Petain [Vichy France]: “Article 1. – Is regarded as Jewish, for the purposes of this Act, any person after three grandparents of Jewish race or two grandparents of the same race, if their spouse is Jewish himself. Art. 2. – Access to and exercise of public functions and tasks outlined below are prohibited to the Jews: 1. Head of State, member of the Government, …2. Agents within the Department of Foreign Affairs, Secretaries of departments, …officials from all grades attached to all police departments. 3. General residents, …governors and secretaries general of the colonies, …4. Members of teaching staff. 5. Officers of the army, navy and air. 6. Directors, general secretaries in companies receiving concessions or grants from a public authority, the appointment to positions in Government enterprises of general interest. Art. 3. – Access to and exercise all public functions other than those listed in Article 2 are open to Jews only if they can rely on one of the following conditions: a) Hold the veteran’s card 1914-1918 or have been cited during the 1914-1918 campaign, b) have been summoned to the agenda during the campaign 1939-1940; c) To be awarded the Legion of Honor …Art. 4. – Access and the liberal professions, …the functions delegated to officers and all officers of the court are permitted to the Jews, unless the regulations of public administration have fixed for them a specified proportion. In this case, the same regulations determine the conditions under which will be the elimination of redundant Jews. Art. 5. – Jews may not, …perform any of the following professions: Managerial, editors of newspapers, magazines, periodicals or agencies, except for strictly scientific publications. Directors, …managers companies whose purpose is the manufacture, printing, distribution, exhibition of motion pictures, stage directors …managers of all business relating to broadcasting. …Art. 7. – The Jewish officials referred to in Articles 2 and 3 shall cease to hold office within two months after the enactment of this Act. …Done at Vichy, October 3, 1940. Ph. Petain…” [Editor’s note: Original webpage is in French, Google translation was used on 5/31/2012 to change text to English.]
“Loi portant statut des juifs.” No author, Accessed online 5/31/2012