ca. 1941

[Possible/Probable] Prague [Czech Republic]
Commentary from other sources:
1) “Jews are prohibited from managing industrial undertakings of the following kind: a) Wholesale and retail on own or outside account, b)   Restaurant and catering trade, c) Insurance brokerage, d) Shipping, e) Removal and storage, f) Travel agency, g) Tourist guide, h) Transport and haulage business including hire of lorries and haulage vans, i) Banking and money exchange, j) Pawn broking, k) Information and collection agency, l) Security services, m) Vending machine installation, n) Advertising agency, o) Estate and mortgage agency, p) Professional employment agency, q) Marriage bureau”

“Nazi Restrictions on the Jews of Prague & The Role of the Jewish Community Council,” Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team, Accessed 8/27/2015