Aug. 22, 1941

“Expulsion of Jews from European Neighborhoods” issued by the Government-General [Germany / Occupied Territories]: “Article 1. Moroccan Jewish subjects occupying residential locations, in whatever capacity, in the European sectors of the municipalities, must evacuate the said locations within a month of the date of the publication of the present dahir in the Bulletin Officel [du Marco], unless they can prove their having taken up residence prior to September 1, 1939. […] Article 4. Moroccan Jews residing in the European sectors of the municipalities prior to September 1, 1939, will evacuate their dwellings within a time period that will be set by executive order of Our Grand Vizier. Article 6. Infractions of the dispositions of the dahir and any attempted maneuver to obstruct them will be punished with a fine of 500 to 10,000 francs, in addition to the total amount of the rents. Furthermore the recalcitrant tenant can be expelled by administrative decision.”
Global Jewish Advocacy: Anti-Semitism: An Assault on Human Rights, Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/4/2016