ca. 1941

[Possible/Probable] Laws issued by the Slovakian Official Gazette [Germany / Occupied Slovakia]
Commentary from other sources:
1) “ZURICH, Dec. 5 [1941]…Further laws regulating the Jewish status in the Nazi-puppet state of Slovakia are published in the Slovakian Official Gazette, Hospodarsky Dennik, reaching here today. The laws provide: 1. No Jew is permitted to use telephone service. 2. Jews are prohibited to ride on bicycles. 3. Real estate confiscated from Jews is to remain state property, and is not to be sold. 4. Movable Jewish property when confiscated, can be sold but to ‘Aryans’ only. 5. ‘Aryans’ can secure possession of Jewish houses, only if they prove that they need them for ‘Aryanized’ trade. Slovakian newspapers reaching here today also report that the Supreme Court in Bratislava refused permission to a Slovak there to extend his business activities, on the basis that the applicant was married to a Jewish woman.”
“Slovakia Promulgates More Anti-jewish Laws: Jews Forbidden to Use Telephone.” December 7, 1941