Dec. 4, 1941

Special law issued by Administrative Head of Occupied Territories Wilhem Frick [Germany / Occupied Poland]: “…1. Criminal Law – I (1) Poles and Jews in the Incorporated Eastern Territories are to conduct themselves in the conformity with the German Laws and with the regulations introduced for them by the German authorities.  They are to abstain from any conduct liable to prejudice the sovereignty of the German Reich or the prestige of the German people. (2) The death penalty shall be imposed on any Pole or Jew if he commits in act of violence against a German on account of his being of German blood. (3) A Pole or Jew shall be sentenced to death, or in less serious cases to imprisonment, if he manifests anti-German sentiments by malicious activities or incitement, …(4) The death penalty or, in less serious cases, imprisonment, shall be imposed on any Pole or Jew: 1. If he commits any act of violence against a member of the German Armed Forces …2. If he purposely damages installations of the German authorities or offices, …3. If he urges or incites to disobedience to any decree or regulation issued by the German authorities; …5. If he is in unlawful possession, of firearms, …2. Criminal Procedure – IV The State Prosecutor shall prosecute a Pole or Jew if he considers that punishment is in the public interest. …IX Poles and Jews are not sworn in as witnesses in criminal proceedings. …XI Poles and Jews are not entitled to act as prosecutors either in a principal or a subsidiary capacity. …Verlin, 4 December 1941 …President of the Ministry Council for Reich Defense Goering, Plenipotentiary for Reich Administration Frick, Reich Minister and Chief of the Reich Chancellery Lammers”

“Harvard Law School Library Nuremberg Trials Project, A Digital Document Collection.” Pages 54-57, Accessed online 4/16/2014