Dec. 17, 1941

“Order of December 17, 1941” issued by the German occupation administration [Germany / Occupied France]: “Order of 17 December 1941 On a fine imposed on the Jews: The fine of one billion francs imposed on the Jews of occupied area, notice the ‘Militarbefehishaber in Frankreich’ December 14, 1941, shall be allocated to the Jewish property through the Union General of the Israelites of France.” [Editor’s note: Original webpage is in French, Google translation was used on 7/26/2012 to change text to English.]
“Quelques exemples d’ordonnances, décrets, lois et mesures anti-juives de l’administration allemande d’occupation [Some examples of orders, decrees, laws and anti-Jewish measures of the German administration occupation].” No author, Accessed online 7/26/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER