Apr. 9, 423

“Policy toward Jews, Heretics, and Pagans” Issued by Emperors Honorius and Theodosius II [Holy Roman Empire; Present-day Italy]: “Our decrees and those of our ancestors in which we have repressed the audacity and zeal of evil pagans, Jews, and heretics have been known and made plain to all. Nevertheless we wish the Jews to be gratified that this instance of their appeal to our laws has met with approval, and that we grant the following to their wretched pleading: that those who continue to act illegally under the cloak of Christianity must cease their outrages and assaults against the Jews, and that both now in the future, no one is to seize or burn down Jewish synagogues. Nevertheless the Jews themselves are to be condemned to perpetual exile and their goods confiscated if it is found that Jews have circumcised a man of our faith or have ordered one to be circumcised.” [Editor’s note: Author’s footnote dates this law in 423 as Theodosian Code 16.8.26]
“The Persecution of the Jews in the Roman Empire (300-428).” James Everett Seaver. 1952, Page 74; Accessed online 8/2/2011