Jun. 20, 1239

“Burning of Talmud” order issued by Pope Gregory IX [Holy Roman Empire; Present England, France, Portugal, Spain]: “[…] Wherefore, since this [Talmud] is said to be the most important reason why the Jews remain obstinate in their perfidy, we, through apostolic letters, order your Discretion to have the Jews who live in the kingdoms of France, England, Aragon, Navarre, Castile, Leon, and Portugal, forced by the secular arm to give up their books. Those books, in which you will find errors of this sort, you shall cause to be burned at the stake. By Apostolic Power, and through use of ecclesiastical censure, you will silence all opponents. You will also report to us faithfully what you have done in the matter. But should all of you be unable to present at the fulfillment of these instructions, someone of you, nonetheless, shall carry out its execution. […]”
Saperstein, Marc and Jacob Rader Marcus: The Jews in Christian Europe: A Source Book, 315-1791; (2015); Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 1/6/2017