Jul. 25, 1315

“Ordinance” issued by Margrave Johann V of Brandenburg [Present-day Germany; Margraviate of Brandenburg]: “[…] no guests, foreigners or those who have moved in[to the city] among the Jews are to be permitted to slaughter [animals] unless they have first become citizens and have received their civil rights. Only then are Jews permitted to slaughter [animals] for their own use. During the summers, when [salt] curing is not possible and the meat cannot be consumed in accordance to their sacred rites, they are not permitted to sell [the the meat] in smaller pieces than in quarters. […] The slaughter of billy-goats and nanny-goats and young bulls (‘Varren teutonice appellantur’) and clean/heifer calves […] are prohibited to Jews all together if they do not wish to consume those themselves.”
Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in den Archiven der neuen Bundesländer 5, Nr. 4223, S. 329; Regesten der Markgrafen von Brandenburg, Nr. 2416, S. 674; Zum Codex diplomaticus, S. 22 (Sources Regarding the History of the Jews in the Archives of the New Federal States 5, No. 4223, p. 329; The Rulers of the Margraves of Brandenburg, No. 2416, p. 674, to the Codex Dimlomaticus, p. 22). Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/25/2017