Aug. 3, 1315

“Order” issued by King Louis IV (Ludwig der Bayer) [Present-day Germany; Free Imperial City of Frankfurt and Wetterau]: “[…] for the augmentation of his fief, we assign the taxes of the Jews of Wetzlar to Our Burgmann to Kalsmunt, Dietrich von Runkel […]. We also permit Runkel to allow four Jews to settle in his city and that any taxes or exactions required of the aforementioned Jews to be handed over to him in the name of the empire/kingdom (Reich) […].” [Researcher’s note: A “burgmann” was a member of the aristocracy in the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages who guarded and defended castles.]
UB Wetzler 1, Nr. 874, S. 364 f. (“Certificate Book [of] Wetzler 1, No. 874, p. 364 f.”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 4/21/2017