Mar. 28, 1379

Order of the Queen Dona Juana, wife to Henry II of Castilla, to confiscate a synagogue and give it to the Catholic Church, Valladolid, Castilla [Present-day Spain]: “Know that I was told to me and I knew for certain, that the Jews of the Ajama of this town had a small house of prayer. And then they made it much greater and nobler and more precious than it was first, and of much greater value than the parish where it is located, even though they were not allowed to do so. (…) And as this is against the law and in great service of God and prejudice of said parish, therefore I want to continue and guard according to the rights that are established in this case, in which it is said that the Jews cannot build new synagogues or make old ones better than they were before, and if they do so, the Jews should lose the building to the church. (…) Because I order you that after seeing my ordenance, (…) that you give possession of this synagogue located in the city of Valencia, to Don Gutierre for that same grace Bishop of Oviedo.”
“Apuntes sobre los judíos coyantinos y sus sinagogas (siglos XIV y XV),” (Notes on the Coyantino Jews and their synagogues (fourteenth and fifteenth centuries)); by Miguel Angel Millán Abad. Accessed online; Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 7/28/2019