Aug. 14, 1462

“Confirmation of Privileges for the City of Hamm” issued by Duke Johann I [County of Mark (‘Grafschaft Mark)*; Present-day Germany]: “We, Johan, by the grace of God Duke of Cleve and Duke of Mark announce to all people: that this our city [of Hamm] is not required to take on Jews if they do not wish to do so […]” [Researcher’s note: According to the cited source, the original can be found in the City Archive of Hamm, Nr. 32.]
Veröffentlichungen der historischen Komission für Westfalen. Rechtsquellen. Westfälische Stadtrechte. Abteilung I. Die Stadtrechte der Grafschaft Mark. Heft 2. Hamm, bearbeitet von Dr. A. Overmann, Stadtarchivar in Erfurt. Mit Unterstützung der Stadt Hamm. (“Publishings of the historical Commission for Westphalia. Legal Sources. City Right of Westphalia. Division I. The City Rights of the County of Mark. Issue 2. Hamm, edited by A. Overmann, Phd., city archivist in Erfurt. With the support of the City of Hamm.”); (Münster; 1903); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/25/2013