Jul. 12, 1498

“Expulsion of Jews from Nuremberg ordered by King Maximilian I. [Germany]: “After being told that the number of Jews allowed to live in Nuremberg according to privileges was clearly exceeded, and many of the citizens of Nuremberg were ruined by the loans and usury of the Jews, which, above all, caused damage to craftsmanship in Nuremberg, King Maximilian orders to expel all Jews from the city. While they are allowed to take their movable goods with them, their houses, synagogues and lying estates are to be confiscated in the name of King Maximilian. […]”
Regesta of the Empire Online (Regesta Imperii Online), RI XIV,2 n. 6459, Regesta-imperii.de, Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 2/17/2017