Feb. 5, 1600

“Expulsion of Jews” decree issued by Archduke Matthias to the Court Chancellors [Holy Roman Empire; Present-day Austria; Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic]: “[…] after We had give the order to the commissioners to permit Jews to remain in the country during the hardships of the war [in hopes] that they would give at least some kind of assistance [to the state]. Instead, however, they have gone against the Christians whose work they have managed to take away from them under the protection of the city and have brought damage and destruction to all Christians without making any contributions whatsoever. […] and no matter how many times we have asked them to change their ways, nothing was achieved, because they have proven to be rather stubborn and spiteful. That is why Your Highly Regarded Y. P. H. (Your Princely Highness) has graciously decided and ordered that all Jews – including young and old, male and female, without exception – are to leave not only the city, but also be removed from the Archduchy of Austria. They are to be ordered to either leave the country or face punishment, if they have not done so within 14 days, which is what the highly chosen Court Chancellors are to regulate and oversee. This [order] reflects the very eminently chosen Y. P. H. (Your Princely Highness)’s gracious decision. [signed] Per serenissimum archdiucem = As per the most sincere Archduke).”
Braumüller, Wilhelm: Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien. Erste Abteilung. Allgemeiner Teil 1526-1847. Erster Band. (Wien) 1918. p. 39, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/14/2016 ADD ENGLISH TRANSLATION