Apr. 14, 1628

“Order” of the Bohemian Chamber* (“Böhmische Kammer”) [Present-day Czech Republic]: “[…] all Jewish schools** (‘Judenschulen’) shall be immediately sealed closed […] and they (Jews) shall not be given access to them in any way as long as they have not paid the bail of 80,000 Rhenish Taler to the Border-Customs-Office (‘Grenzzollamt’) for the dilapidated/expired contraband (‘verfallene Kontrabande’) […]” [Researcher’s note: *The “Bohemian Chamber” (“Böhmische Kammer”) was the main authority for the administration of the royal finances in the Kingdom of Bohemia. **The term “Judenschule” (Jewish schools) and “Synagoge” (synagogue) were used interchangeably in the Middle Ages.]
Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Juden in the Cechoslov. Republik; I Jahrgang. Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Samuel Steinherz; (Prag; 1929); (Society for History of the Jews in the Czech Republic; Year’s Issue 1929; Published by Prof. Dr. Samuel Steinherz); (Prague; 1929); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 8/19/2017 ADD PAGE #