Aug. 16, 1648

“Citizen’s Decision” (‘Bürgerbeschluß’) issued by the assembly of the Senate and the citizens (‘Conventus Senatus et civicum’) [Free Imperial City of Hamburg; Present-day Germany]: “[…] The high-German (‘hochdeutsche’) Jews are to be terminated* (‘aufgekündigt’) and expelled [from the city] by Easter 1649.” [Researcher’s note: *It is more likely that “terminated” refers here to contracts and/or residency permits Jews may have had with the city and/or citizens of Hamburg.]
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums. Begründet von Dr. Z. Frankel, fortgesetzt von Professor Dr. Graetz. Dreiundvierzigster Jahrgang. (“Monthly Journal of History and Science of Judaism. Founded by Z. Frankel, PhD., continued by Professor Graetz, PhD. Fourth-third edition.”); (Berlin; 1899); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/28/2018 ADD PAGE #