Apr. 15, 1687

“Norwegian Code,” issued, by King Christian V, for Norway [Present-day Norway]: “Book 3, Chapter 22: Article 1 – No Jew may enter [Norway], or let himself be found, without the King’s special passport, under penalty of one thousand imperial thalers for every person who is found without such passport. Article 2 – Whoever reports a Jew and points him out to an officer of the King, shall therefore receive fifty imperial thalers.”
Paulsen, P.I., Thomle, J.E. & Thomle, C.S. (ed.). Almindelig Norsk Lovsammling [Common Norwegian Law Collection]. Aschehoug & Co.: Kristiania [Oslo], 1905. Volume I, Page 186. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/22/2020