Jun. 10, 1691

“Ordinance” issued by the government of Western-Pomerania [Present-day Germany, Sweden; Swedish-Pomerania / Swedish Empire]: “[…] It is therefore ordered and commanded herewith in all seriousness that no Jew be allowed to enter the domain without a passport and a special concession and permission from the royal government, much less be tolerated there, and least of all [be allowed] to trade and engage in exchange […] and to partake in pre-sales as they please […]. The commanding officers, [and] the royal tax and customs officers are to keep a watchful eye on this […] and should Jews be caught engaged in trade or pre-sales without a passport […] they should be met with a befitting punishment, their merchandise confiscated and this edict is to be adhered to in all seriousness everywhere in the province […].”
Sammlung gemeiner und besonderer Pommerscher und Rügischer Landes-Urkunden, Gesetze, Privilegien, Verträge, Constitutionen und Ordnungen. Zur Kenntnis der alten und neueren Landes-Verfassungen insonderheit des königlich-Schwedischen Landes-Theils herausgegeben von Johann Carl Dähnert. Dritter und letzter Band. (Collection of common and special state writs/documents, laws, privileges, contracts, constitutions, and ordinances of Pomerania and Rügen. To bring into awareness the old and newer state constitutions, and especially those of the royal Swedish domains edited by Johann Carl Dähnert. Third and last volume. (Stralsund; 1769); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/9/2020