May 30, 1723

“Supreme/Royal Decision” (‘Allerhöchste Entschließung’) issued by Charles IV (‘Karl VI’) [Present-day Czech Republic; Kingdom of Bohemia/House of Habsburg/Holy Roman Empire]: “[…] His Majesty have issued a number of privileges to the Moravian Jewry […] and order [herewith…] 1) the previous[ly valid] 12000 fl (Gulden) Jewish-toleration-levies (‘Judentoleranzgelder) (which were contained in the old pardons/regulations of Ferdinand) are to be reduced — except those the Jewry is to contribute generally/minimally (‘per Pausch’) — to 8000 fl [Gulden] annually; this reduction, however, is not to be perpetual (‘in perpetuum’), but only as long as His Majesty is graciously inclined to do so; and Jews shall give — in addition to their toleration-levies — chimney and flattened wire (‘Kaminen und Lahnen)* — and continue to contribute to the royal/imperial treasury (‘kaiserliche Ärariums’) […] no less than what they have been contributing to their local authorities […] in the past […]. 2) No bigger tax or other levies/fees that are different from those of Christians shall be required from Jews (other than the body-tax (‘Leibmaut’) which (the fee) is to remain the same) […]” [Researcher’s note: Lahnen appears to be referring to a flattened wire made of gold, silver or copper. While the majority of this contains regulations protecting Jews, the above is the exception.]
Sammlung der seit dem Jahre 1600 bis zum Jahre 1740 ergangenen allerhöchsten Gesetze. In chronologischer Ordnung. Gesammelt und herausgegeben von Franz Xaver Wekebrod, erstem Magistrats- Rath und Syndikus in Römerstadt. (Brünn; 1810); (Collection of [all] supreme laws issued from 1600 until 1740. In chronological order. Collected and published by Franz Xaver Wekebrod, lead syndic of the magistrate and council of the Roman city.); (Brno; 1810); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/26/2019