May 11, 1748

Decree, issued by Countess Palatine Francisca Christina of Sulzbach, for the City of Essen [Present-day Germany]: “Henceforth, none of our protected Jews may charge more than six out of a hundred for any advance given by him to one or another of our subjects, regardless whether said advance is large or small, nor whether the debt is based on borrowed meat or other merchandise, and each contravention shall carry a mandatory fine of 10 guilders in gold.”
Samuel, Salomon. Geschichte der Juden in Stadt und Stift Essen bis zur Säkularisation des Stifts von 1291 – 1802 (History of the Jews in City and Abbey Essen until the Secularization of the Abbey, from 1291 – 1802). Fredebeul & Koenen: Essen, 1905. Page 111. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/13/2020