Dec. 31, 1768

Regulation regarding the trading of Jews on the countryside (‘Landschaft’) issued by Mayor Johannes Debary and the [city] Council of Basel [Present-day Switzerland; Prince-Bishopric of Basel]: “We, Johannes Debary, the mayor, as well as the [city] councils of the city of Basel order all and each of Our dear faithful members […] that we have noticed with displeasure the growing number of Jewish traders who have snuck into Our countryside and given cause to many perils and scams […] as well as damages and losses and even ruin, which is why we wish to order the following […]: 1) Jews are to entirely refrain from trading with cattle […] on the countryside, except during public markets or face severe fines […] Jews who have been caught numerous times are to be reported to the higher authorities and face arrest. […] Jews may continue to trade during public markets in the cities […] however, only in exchange for cash. All current [debts]/loans are to be settled by January 1769 […]” [Researcher’s note: The above regulation contains a number of paragraphs and has been abbreviated to fit the allocated space. It can be found in its entirety in the cited source.]
Rechtsquellen von Basel Stadt und Land. Zweiter Theil. (Legal Documents/Sources of Basel – City and land. Part two.); (Basel; 1865); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 2/8/2020